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Adding to your Home Screen

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ftadmin // website can be added as an icon to your smart phone home screen.    Follow the steps below for iPhone, Android and tablet. 

iPhone or Ipad

1. Goto in iPhone Safari

2. Choose the share icon

3. Choose "Add to Home Screen"


Android or Android tablet - There are minor variations between different Android devices, but the basic steps are the same. 

1.  Goto in your phone browser.

2. Bookmark the page.  Using the settings button  (the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen or button on the button of the phone), choose the STAR icon.   This will bring up the bookark page.  Save the bookmark.   Note the location where the bookmark is save, "In:  Mobile Bookmarks".




3. Open Bookmarks.   Using the settings button, choose Bookmarks, then choose the location where you saved the bookmark.


4. Save to Homepage.   Press and hold the FoodTrucksIn bookmark.   A menu will pop-up, choose "Add to Home Screen"