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Be a better Twitter user in 2015

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So, let me get this out of the way first!  I am not a big fan of New Years resolutions. I firmly believe that each and everyday is a good day to have a resolution to do some new or try something different.  If there is a way to make an improvement why wait until January 1st to give it a shot?

However, knowing that this is the time of year that so many are looking for resolutions, I would like to offer one up to food truck owners (and anyone owning or operating a mobile food business).  

Use Twitter better!

Don't get me wrong. There are plenty of you that are using Twitter on a regular basis to let customers know exactly where you are and when.  However, there are also many of you that are not.   After talking to hundreds of food truck owners over the past year and monitoring Twitter closely, I know that it gets busy and twitter is either forgotten or not used effectively.   Often a tweet is written “in code” and only an insider can decipher it, rendering the tweet useless to someone not familiar with area or the food truck.  Here are some examples of recent Tweets I have seen from some pretty awesome food trucks. 

We're at B. U. East today, come warm up with a toasty slice!

Dinner on Thayer at the arch!

We are down at grants block for lunch. Now you snow, and snowing is half the battle!!!

In each of these cases regular customers or those very familiar with your hometown area, may know where you will be and might know for how long. But, these Tweets do not share the important details of an exact street address, city or town, or what time you will be serving and how long.  Each Tweet that you compose should be written assuming that a first time customer is reading it and looking to find you.

Here are some examples that were sent using the Twitter integration tools. Notice how in each case all of the pertinent information is shared. 

Serving Now at Food Trucks at Arts Park - 1 Young Circle Hollywood 5:30PM-9:30PM w/@miamifoodtrucks @burgerbeast

Serving Now @GazeboGardens22 - Shields & Van Ness Ave #Fresno 5-9pm! #BEER,BUDS&BUNS!

Serving Now at 3912 W Spruce St Tampa From 5:00-10:00PM @CigarCitybrew for #craftbeer #streetfood action #findaninja

I also hear pretty regulalry from mobile food vendors that they are Facebook people and don't use or know how to use Twitter.   This goes for those that are using Twitter and not Facebook, you should be where your customers and potential customers are; today that's on both Facebook and Twitter.  And, for those of you that enjoy sharing pictures about your food, Instagram

I have passionate feelings about how you can use the Serving Now tools we offer at to better communicate to your existing customers through our Twitter integration, and how using can help you find new customers.  The beginning time of the year is a great time to make changes in ways that help you market your business more efficiently while growing your business. 

Tweet better in 2015!