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The Best Food Trucks in the USA

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EricW //

It is always compelling and curious when the most recent lists of “The Top Of” or “The Best Of” food trucks are revealed!

And, to that very point, within the past few days I've reviewed the list of the 21 Best Food Trucks In America as determined by The Thrillist as well as the as the 10 best food trucks in NYC as determined by USA Today.

First, I am proud that every one of the trucks on both lists are included on Additionally, I am so relieved that I am not responsible for putting those specific lists together!  In fact, I don't see how I would ever be able to do it. Even compiling a list of Top 100 food trucks in America would seem daunting. Nah, overwhelming if not impossible!

In point of fact, I have eaten at  a number of the trucks on the above lists and at each and every one of those trucks I have had a really delicious, gastronomic memory. However, and here's the rub; I have eaten at so many other trucks that served me such fresh, unique, and incredibly tasty meals that it would be virtually impossible for me to limit or remove many of them from consideration for my own personal, "Best Of Food Truck List!"

Heck, I can't even answer the often asked question of what was my favorite food truck after leaving a newly visited city or food truck event. Just too hard for me! I find myself enjoying the food so much that, often times, the best meal was my last one. Maybe I'm just too fickle to love just one!

So, while I always enjoy reading the latest of the “Best Of” lists, and find myself nodding with agreement about the choices, there's the side of me that always thinks about the trucks that could have or should have easily made the cut, but didn't!

Here's my resolution; I will continue to enjoy the lists that are published but will continue to forage my way through the 3,907 food trucks listed on which I personally consider the most complete list around of the "Best Of...!!!"