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"Checking In" and "Serving Now"

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EricW //

At, we have lofty goals about the numerous ways in which we plan to help customers and food trucks connect with each other. That was, of course, our initial, primary focus: to make it easy and simple for food trucks to "Check-In" and let customers and potential customers know exactly where they're "Serving Now".

And, with that goal and focus in mind, last week was a special and memorable one for us; for the first time, food trucks in 12 states used to let customers know where they were "Serving Now!!!"  Over the last eight weeks food trucks in Alaska, California, North Carolina, Colorado and Rhode Island, have all used our “Check-In” feature. But, last week was the first time that trucks in as many as 12 states had “Check-Ins” during the same week.  In addition to the states listed above food trucks from Arizona, Florida, New York, Texas, Michigan, New Mexico, and Kentucky all used to let customers know where they were “Serving Now”.

It's exciting, and it's just the beginning as we anticipate that number growing quickly! We look forward to seeing 1,000's of trucks using us regularly. But for right now, we're hoping to see more trucks in more states, each week, letting their customers know where they are “Serving Now.”  We can't wait to see if this week's number grows to 15, or maybe even 20 states. And, we are eagerly anticipating the day when food trucks from all 50 states are “Checking-In” each and every day!

Speaking of which, if you haven't seen how it looks on our site or on Twitter when a truck is "Checked-In" and "Serving Now" take a look below at Rocket Fine Street Food of Providence, RI. They are one of the very first food trucks to have “Checked In” and continue to do so regularly. We are happy to share their "Serving Now" status from earlier today. 

And, as always, your feedback is always happily received and appreciated!

We hope you will ask your favorite food truck to start to use the "Check-In" feature.