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Feature Spotlight - Suggest a Location

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EricW //

The team, consisting of Eric and Stephen (with a little help from our friends!), spends a lot of time creating additional features that will enhance the existing website (as well as working on brand new features).

This week we would like to spotlight two of our recent additions. 

Highlighting, #1! Suggest a Location, an efficient and easy way that allows you, the customer, to let food trucks know of potential locations that you think might be the perfect new spot for a mobile food vendor! And, affords food truck vendors to be more aware of possible new locations!

Our Suggest a Location is designed to recommend a location to a food truck operator that might reflect a new and prosperous location. It might be a street corner with a lot of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, with not a restaurant or a food truck in sight. Possibly it's a parking lot at the end of a highway off ramp. Or, maybe it's private property with enough offices or businesses nearby to make the site viable at the same time the property owner might want to draw attention to the property.

Of course, any of these possibilities require awareness of local permit requirements and parking regulations as well as a host of other restrictions and issues that could prevent an otherwise great location from being a usable spot. But, the first step is simply knowing of the possibility.

That is what our Suggest a Location is designed to do! It lets food truck and mobile food vendors know about a specific location that might be a promising new spot to do business. It's like having extra sets of eyes looking around for additional sites .  

You can Suggest a Location for a particular food truck from this button:  

You can also find the Suggest a Location button on the listing page of each and every one of the 4,150 mobile food vendors listed on our site, or you can suggest a location for all of the area vendors using this link Suggest a Location!

Highlighting #2! Hire a Truck is similar to Suggest a Location but this tool can be used when you want to hire a food truck for a specific event, festival, birthday party, office party, block party or any other event. Usually these would be an events that the mobile food vendor is hired or contracted to attend an event. 

We look forward to telling you more about this tool in the very near future but, for now, we hope you will use this tool to look for and hire a mobile food vendor for your next special event. 

And, if you are interested in learning more about the components that are necessary for the success of a food truck at any location, this is a great resource. How Many Food Trucks to Hire? - Useful Tips!

As we continue to enhance our existing features and tools, and add new ones, we rely on you, who use our site, to offer feedback, thoughts and suggestions about any of our tools and links so that we may provide customers and food trucks, trailers, carts, and stands the most effective and efficient ways of finding each other.