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EricW //

In food truck lingo, I was on the other side of the service window. Or, in this case, the "other side of the microphone!"

Seth who is from Taste Trekkers and runs the website "For foodies who love travel and travelers who love food" asked me to participate in his weekly podcast at Seth and I originally met last fall when we helped him secure food trucks for a great event he put on in Providence. It was great fun to be interviewed and to be the subject of Podcast Episode 73: Everything You Want to Know About Food Trucks.  

Seth and I covered a lot of ground over the 45 minute interview, covering food truck subjects from the what has helped the gourmet food truck movement grow to the most unique things I have seen at food trucks. I have already received a lot of great feedback that this podcast is one of the most informative and accurate pieces of insight into the food truck business and community.  

It was also a lot of fun to be able to include so many of our good friends and experiences in this piece. I hope you enjoy the interview and hope and look forward to hearing any feedback. If you can't take the time to listen tot the entire podcast some of the highlights are listed below.

At 3 minutes:  The history of and how we got started

At 5 minutes: Why today's gourmet food trucks are so popular

At 8 minutes: Food Trucks, today's version of the American Dream

At 11 minutes: The lifestyle of food truckers

At 14 minutes: The challenges of a food truck

At 18 minutes and 29 minutes: Winter Blast and Exposure North Jersey events 

At 25 minutes: HipPOPs handcrafted gelato bars and Arts Park Hollywood

At 26 minutes: Generation Food Truck and the big 200 food truck event in Tampa

At 27 minutes:  Manna From Heaven and Food Truck Row in Denver

At 28 minutes:  Off The Grid in San Francisco

At 29 minutes:  Pizza Vita food truck

At 30 minutes: Hunger Construction food truck

At 31 minutes: Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo

At 32 minutes:  Civic Center Eats in Denver

At 36 minutes: Rosie's Weenie Wagon, The Institute of Justice, and local regulations

At 39 minutes: Beach Fries food truck

At 40 minutes:  The Evil Wiener food truck

At 43 minutes: Verde Food Truck and Rocket Fine Street Food