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Food (Truck) To Go

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EricW //

How about this for a change to your food truck experience?

Instead of ordering your favorite food to go from your favorite food truck, why not order the entire food truck to go???

Here's the concept:

The very idea of a food truck is built on mobility.  So, why not just have your favorite truck pull right up into your driveway? So to be clear, I am not, of course, suggesting or expecting a food truck to offer delivery service. Nor am I thinking that you would be able to talk a food truck into coming to visit you for a single order or two. What I am suggesting is an extension of what I have learned about many food truck operators -they love food and they love people!

I have visited food trucks countless of times talking to the owners and chefs about just how passionate they are about food and cooking for their guests. They have offered to make me special items, given me tips on how to cook the perfect steak. They become excited talking about the perfect spoon, chatting about cooking methods and, of course, the near exhilaration, over their food and sharing it with their customers. There have even been times that these creative and friendly chefs and small business owners have offered to come to my kitchen to cook. WOW! I need to plan it soon! 

Anyway, all if this got me thinking: food trucks are already designed to transport and serve food so why not talk to your favorite food truck (s) about coming to your kitchen. The possibilities are endless. An incredibly memorable catered meal prepared in your kitchen for a birthday, anniversary or special occasion. A cooking class for you and a group of friends paired with wines or spirits.  I can think of many reasons to invite a food truck chef into my kitchen!

So many of the food trucks owners I have meet are as passionate about sharing their skill and knowledge as they are with growing a successful business.  Plus with their flexibility of scheduling, mobility and accessibility, they are likely to be happy to plan a customized event just for you.

Plus what would be more curious to your friends and neighbors than having a food truck parked in your driveway! 

Think about coming up with a reason to have a food "truck" to go and reach out to your favorite truck and try to make it happen.  

Simple, fun, different, entertaining and, delicious!!