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Food Truck Tip - Time for a Break

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EricW //

Anyone who has owned a small business will tell you that the work never is really done! And, it some ways. we know that really is true. 

But in my personal and anecdotal experience, continuously working seven days a week sometimes lacks efficiency, breeds a sense of fatigue, lack of focus and maybe even lethargy, at least after a regular menu of it (pun intended). 

The fact is, that we all need time to step back, try to relax a bit and rejuvenate our energy and focus. Not always easy but necessary in order to maintain some sense of balance. Heck, even great athletes don't run every play, play 12 months a year or play every round of every tournament. We need a break!

And, I think that when we take time off to rest, relax, and balance our lives a bit, we sometimes feel guilty, or that we're losing revenue or that we're slouching. But, we may find that we're not losing much, if any, revenue especially if we plan carefully or that even some downside in revenue may be worth the upside of mood enhancement, increased energy and time spent with family, friends and doing everyday chores! Heck, go out to eat!. 

Of course, for those of you who desire to eat at food trucks everyday, I totally support that decision and am sure you can find a great food truck meal, even if some of your favorites are taking the day off!! Just check the website!