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Food Truck Tip Wars!

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EricW //

Tip Wars! I am not talking about or suggesting attempting to tip over food trucks. That would not be fun for anyone. I am also not suggesting a battle between trucks of any sort. I am talking about a fun, innovative, stimulating, and socially engaging game to play at your food truck or to ask your food truck to participate in. 

Tip Wars or Gratuity Contests! My first experience of a tip war was in Boulder, Colorado in the spring. While I was waiting for some very tasty tacos from the Verde Food Truck, I noticed something that I had not seen before. A tip box. Don't get me wrong just about every food truck has a tip jar and I am a big supporter of tipping and supporting good and great customer service experiences, this was different.  This tip box had the option of voting for the 80's or 90's. I loved it. During the three minutes I was waiting for my tacos I contemplated the 80's and 90's, recalled great memories, and thought about the music from each period. When my tacos arrived I made my selection and put my $2 tip in the box. 

What a great concept. I have told numerous trucks about this innovative, fun, and creative way to handle tipping at a food truck. It can be funny, serious, political, or curious. It can even be used to help learn about customers and their menu preferences. How about a tip war which asks about the preference between two new potential menu items? It has been great seeing more and more food trucks using tips wars as a way to engage customers and conversations as they wait for their orders. 

Few trucks have done it as well at Rocket Fine Street Food. You can count on a new tip war every day. Not only can you find it at their truck but they post it on their website and accept votes online. Here is one of our favorites of the year from Rocket. 

If you are thinking about getting a tip war started here are some we would love to see that you can use to get started. 

  • New York vs. Los Angeles
  • Iced vs. Hot
  • Thanksgiving vs. Christmas
  • Ketchup vs. Mustard
  • Glengarry Glen Ross vs. Office Space
  • South Park vs. Family Guy
  • Vote vs. Give Blood

Hope you like this.....tip!!