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Food Trucks and Bars

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EricW //

Joe's Bistro Cuisine set up outside Prost Brewing in Denver, CO. 

I was in Denver last week. A quick and happy 3 day trip to see family and friends over the holiday. But, alas, that quick in and out trip did not give much time to engage in one of my most enjoyable activities....catching up with food trucks! 

However, I was reminded of one of the things that I really do enjoy about the Colorado food truck scene. Alcohol! Well, not exactly. Food trucks in Colorado have no liquor licenses. BUT, just about every bar, brewery, or distillery tasting room (yup, there are some distilleries with tasting rooms) that does not serve its own food will have a food truck parked outside on almost any night of the week. While it varies from place to place, with some bars having the same food truck every night, or at least on a regular basis, others offer a different truck for that nightly nourishment.

And, it's almost down right inspiring to see so many drinking establishments that do not serve food establishing relationships with food trucks to serve food outside their locations. And, this trend is not only occurring at bars but also at retail locations, car dealerships, drive in movie theaters, and all kinds of places that do not have any food options or want to offer their customers more varied, unique and tasty alternatives. 

Admittedly, however, hanging out and eating at food trucks can be just a wee bit tougher in the winter months in colder places like Colorado and New England (where I am based). So here's the solution: order that meal outside and eat it inside! In the comfort and warmth of your preferred drinking venue! Heck, I've even had the meal delivered inside, right to me. Nothing wrong with that! And, nothing wrong with that food and drink combo! 

Now that I think of it, you can do that exact thing in warm climates, and at any time of year!

So, if your favorite (or new) bar or hangout does not serve food, maybe you should think about reaching out to your favorite food truck. Bring your favorites together. Could there be a better combination?

The Waffle Lab stationed at Pateros Creek Brewing Co in Fort Collins, CO