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Food Trucks and Limos

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EricW //

Twice over this past weekend I had interactions with food trucks that reminded me of the limousine company I owned for 20 years, as well as my experiences of growing that business. 

First, I bumped into Valerie who works for Angelo’s restaurant (and recently added food truck) in Providence. My conversation with her reminded me of 2008 when I was named the Small Business Person of the year in Rhode Island (source). Also that year, Angelo's restaurant owned by Bob Antignano won the SBA Family Owned Business of the Year (source). Together we got to travel to an awards ceremony in Washington DC which included a visit to the White house and a meeting with then President Bush.  Now, six years later, Bob recently added a food truck by the same name to the family business, Angelo's! And, in that same period of time, I sold the limousine company and am working diligently on to promote my new company by providing what I hope are invaluable tools and important information that will help develop this wonderful thing we call, the mobile food industry!

Also this weekend, I was reminded of some of my transportation company experiences. Countless times we would have to scramble when a client would miss a flight and subsequently need a ride to NY. Or hustle a job when, at 6PM, we would receive a call from someone who forgot to hire a limo for a birthday party at 8PM. There are countless other examples! And, now, never did I think that my experiences with would offer a similar side of a "rush job." 

Then, this weekend it happened. At 3PM on Saturday I received a text that a tour manager for a very well established musician who was playing nearby was looking for a food truck to serve the road crew, at midnight! It all flashed back in a moment. The adrenaline and excitement was so familiar to me. I had two hours to find and confirm a food truck that could feed 150 people that night at the sound of midnight! It was just like figuring out how to get a car to the airport to pick someone up in 30 minutes when they forgot to make an earlier reservation. 5PM Bone Daddy's Burgers had been confirmed for the gig and I felt that same satisfaction of having a customer picked up on time. I have great memories of my 20 years in the limousines business and now more than ever am looking forward to what the future holds for

It has been fun over the past few days to think about the similarities and differences between the limousine company and If you are interested in hearing more about them or discuss my experience owning the limo company or learn more about I would be more than happy to hear from you.