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Food Trucks Embody the American Dream

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Courtesy of the Providence Journal - Opinion 

Providence Journal Opinion 

Eric Weiner: Food trucks embody the American Dream

March 10, 2014 11:53 AM

On March 8, you published a picture captioned “A sign of spring?,” referring to food trucks being seen in Kennedy Plaza during lunch.As the weather improves, the more than 35 food trucks in Rhode Island will most certainly become more visible, as they come out of hibernation. New food trucks are sure to join them.

Today, gourmet food trucks are a great example of the American Dream. I am very familiar with food trucks across the country as the founder of, a website that is a search engine to locate food trucks across the country.

The three trucks in your picture — Rocket Fine Street Food, Poco Loco, and Mama Kim’s — are all locally owned small businesses that have been committed to serving day in and day out.

So while they are most certainly looking forward to the shedding the extra layers as the weather improves, they most certainly deserve credit for being on the road serving their culinary creations all winter long.

I know that I, along with many others who support the local street food scene all year long happily wait in the cold, windy, even snowy weather to enjoy supporting local business, and of course, having a great meal.

Eric W