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Food Trucks In - Ready To Roll Out!

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EricW //

During the last four months we have added over 3,700 food trucks, nationwide, to the site! That's at least how many trucks are serving food and moving around!  We know that there are some trucks that we have missed, and we are adding another 7 to 10 additional trucks that are hitting the streets every single week.  

And, we have already traveled to meet over 200 food truck operators personally and look forward to meeting many more in the coming weeks and months. It's been an inspiration and just plain fun to get to know some of you, and to learn what makes this all thing work! 

So what about that check in service? Well, since we want to get it absolutely, perfectly, completely right, we are still testing the check in service.  

Currently there are 50 food trucks in six states that are checking in regularly. For the first 30-45 days these trucks are providing invaluable feedback and helpful insight. We want to be certain to fix any bugs and make necessary improvements, before our much anticipated nationwide launch!! We want to make sure that we are 100% ready to present the most valuable, most synchronized and up to date site for food truck operators and food truck lovers to find each other quickly and accurately.  

During this time, we also hope to find new trucks or trucks that have not been yet indexed to add to this, the most complete and thorough, site for operators and food lovers.  

For those of you that have been reading our blog and following us on Twitter and Facebook you know our ultimate goal is to make it easy for food trucks to check in and for customers to see how close by food trucks are that are serving now, so If you come across a new food truck that is not listed on our site, or if you favorite truck happens to be missing, please let us know.

We are also excited about listing food truck events on our site.  If you plan to attend or participate in any upcoming food truck event, please let us know and we will share it on our site.