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Food Trucks Should Tell Their Story

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EricW //

A Great About Us page from Angie's Wieners

So, I've been thinking. Again! And, here are some thoughts and results from a completely non-scientific study:  

Over the past 15 months, I feel fortunate to have met and gotten to know over 300 food truck operators and workers. While most of those meetings have been in person, a number of them have been through email or phone conversations. But in either case, I have certainly come to realize that there are many commonalities among operators as well as many special qualities and experiences that are unique to each of them. 

And, here's something else that my experiences have reflected. That there's usually a very interesting story that each food truck owner and operator has to tell. And, I'm the guy who is always interested in hearing it and, I have found, they are happy to tell it! So many great stories about childhood experience, passion for cooking, previous work experiences, fortunate and unfortunate circumstances that have all lead them to their food truck life! For me, hearing and learning about each truck that I visit is part of the enjoyment. I often share the details with friends and family and through posts on social media. I've discovered that the history of food trucks is often as fulfilling as their food is filling. Well, almost!

As a result of all this thinking, talking and sharing, and mostly for my own amusement, I randomly chose the listings of 100 food trucks on and then visited each of their website and Facebook pages. Eigthy eight of the 100 food trucks I visited did not have any kind of background, bio, or history information or any of their story about who they were or the how and why of their food truck.   

I get the clear sense that there are many people out there who, like me, are interested to hear not just about the food from food trucks but also about the history and learn more about "the story."  I encourage anyone who shares my interest in learning more about their favorite food truck or trucks to ask the owners to include their history and bio information on their website and Facebook pages if they are not already doing so. 

And meanwhile, you can always catch my revealing interview with a food truck operator every Wednesday in the interview series, and you should feel free to recommend a food truck even your own food truck to be interviewed.