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In March, we contemplated what it would take for us to put together a "Best Of" list of food trucks, and determined that there was just no realistic way that we could take the 790 cities (that number is now 815) we have listed and put together a fair list of the best of the best of all the combined food trucks in all those cities!  We could not even figure out a reasonable methodology. 
Since the last few days of February, I've been out on the road sharing what a great resource is for the food truck community. In that time, I've visited or seen over 350 food trucks, and eaten at over 85. All in the past seven weeks! I have visited large (and small!) food truck events, chased food trucks around city streets, and had the opportunity to visit a few trucks at their commissaries (commercial kitchen and storage areas). 
This week, Our Spring Time Food Truck Visits Continueand by the end of the week I will have visited over 500 food trucks and have eaten at well over 100 of them over the last few months.

So we're thinking, "Maybe it is time for us to take another stab at a "Best Of" list!"

Well, we just can't do it!  We tried once.Then we tried again. And, again!. And, the next thing we knew we had tried a dozen times and just could not possibly succeed!  We started with the idea of coming up with the best 100 food trucks in the country. Then we thought about compiling the Top 10 trucks in each state. Followed that by trying the Top 5 in each city.  Every time it was just too difficult to find a balance and a template that we could use to even begin. Couldn't do it!  So, then we had the bright idea of putting together a very personal list of the Top 50 food trucks; you know, the ones that I have personally tried and loved! I failed at that too!

The simple truth is that the harder we tried, the more miserably we failed. In my heart I knew from the beginning that I was not up for the task. First of all, how could we truly compile a "best of list" without eating at all of the food trucks in over 815 cities? It's a glorious task that we truly desire to complete but, alas, know is just impossible.

Ah, but maybe a Best of List of the trucks I have actually eaten at sounds much more realistic! That is until I started thinking about the actual meals I've had, and that I always leave food trucks with a big smile. And, how do I decide which smiles were the biggest and the best and cut out the rest? 

So, we have given up on coming up with our own best of list of food trucks.  But that's ok; going through the process we realized, once again, just how much great food we've had, and just how many great people we've met. And, very importantly, how much we continue to learn about food truck communities, everywhere. For us it really is just one great big Best Of list. And, it's growing, city by city, state by state! 

If you were really hoping to see us provide a Best Of list we are happy to share some great lists below that others that have had better luck putting together than we have!  Of course we think each of these lists are about 3,800 food trucks shy of being complete. But, nevertheless, they are still fun to browse, especially if you see names of food trucks that you have personally enjoyed!

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