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EricW //

It's been 10 months since Stephen and I started putting together the concept and design for! Seems hard to believe that we're now so close to getting the entire site up and running! And, we're more excited and encouraged than ever after I've met so many food truck and food stand operators, as well as food truck and food stand food lovers, like me! Everyone, and I mean everyone, I've met along the way has been engaging and supportive of this attempt to promote the food truck and food stand industry by making it more accessible to customers, both old and new, simply by clicking on to your/our site.

And then, while driving back from NYC and New haven, CT, having met and chatted with operators (and eating!) in both cities, it occurred to me that I am going to correct an oversight; I want to personalize the sense of community and mood of cooperation that I've felt from each operator by sharing pictures of the people I have met along the way on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, not just the food trucks and the food.  The food been incredibly tasty and fresh, the trucks have been unique, but it's the atmosphere and the individual stories and experiences of each of the 50 or so operators I have met so far (probably unrealistic to meet all 4000 of these great people, nationwide, but it would be a fantastic experience!). Every person has been individualistic, entrepreneurial and inspiring and each has been friendly and happy to talk about the work and enjoyment (mostly!) of what they do. Some part time; some full time but all involved.

And, let's not forget the customers I've spoken with who also had their great food truck stories and, of course, their favorite foods and trucks. They, too, have all had their tales to tell. Some of them passionately! 

So, from here on, I want to include some of the photos and stories that I already have and then add the ones I will hear in the future. This food truck industry seems to me to be a very personal and engaging business. I want to share those qualities of spirit and personality with you who are in the business as well as with those of you who eat up this business (pun intended!)

Each time I meet a new person, visit a great food truck, and hear a great story, I feel very lucky to be having this opportunity.  Not only am I looking forward to making its debut and making it easy for customers to find food trucks, but I am looking forward to sharing the personal stories that are shared with me and the experiences that I have.

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