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EricW //

If you love food trucks and food carts the way we, at, love food trucks you know how easy it is to fall in love with one (or two or three!) and stalk their current location.  It’s very exciting to see your favorite truck’s post or update and realize instantly that it’s just a few blocks from where you are at that very moment. 

Until recently, the only way to find food truck locations was to follow multiple Twitter feeds and Facebook pages and comb through them to determine who was close by and when they were "Serving Now", or to use a website or app that is incomplete or inefficient.  That will all change soon. 

With that very idea in mind we at, are launching our site with two simple initial goals:  

First, we will be the inaugural and only site to index over 4,000 food trucks across the country; and in every state! Second, our “Check-In” feature will make it easy for food trucks to "Check-In" wherever they go, so you know exactly where they are serving their food and drink, at every moment! Food truck lovers can simply visit and immediately know which food trucks are "Checked-In" and where they are in proximity to your current location.    

So when will we launch? Soon! Our original plan was to launch in early January in four test states;  Rhode Island (where we are from),  Massachusetts (our food truck rich neighbors), Colorado (a wealth of food trucks in the Rocky Mountain West), and Florida (gotta be someplace warm). However, we have changed our launch strategy for a smoother rollout. Just recently, we decided that launching with a nationwide foot print was simply a better idea. We will keep you posted on our progress through this blog.

And so now…

Who are we? We are a partnership of two guys, Stephen and Eric, who love to eat. We are entrepreneurs by nature, IT gurus by training, and transportation and logistics experts by experience. Our combined experience of over 40 years (well, 80 years if you go back to when we started to like food!) all lined up perfectly for this project.  We plan to embed ourselves in  your communities, by traveling to cities, meeting and talking to our customers, sponsoring food truck events, and improving our website, all in our effort to always enhance your experience and the quality of our service. Continually. 

Try us out! Simply visit and see which food trucks are "Serving Now", right at this minute, and the exact distance you are from them and the food you want!

And, by the way, we are always looking forward to meeting more food truck operators and food truck customers. Let us know if you want to talk with us or know someone who might. 

We are so excited and hope you are getting excited too!