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Hitting the Streets: Spring 2016 Food Truck Travel Recap

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Eric of has been doing a lot of traveling a lot in the past couple of months. He visited eight cities across the country between February and March and had a blast doing it. So here’s a little more of where he's been, and what he was up to.

Why does Eric hit the road?

“The primary reason that we go out on the road to visit food trucks and mobile food operators in different cities is because we care.  We want to learn about what is different and changes when it come to trends, rules and regulations, as well as new concepts and fresh ideas from city to city.  We want to take what we learn during those visits and apply them to the tools and features of FTI and want to share that information in person when we are out on the road visiting trucks. Getting out on the road and visiting cities and food trucks has been invaluable. It gives us the experience and knowledge of truly understanding the mobile food business inside and out.” - Eric, founder of

The trip started  in February of 2016 with FTI flying to Kansas City and driving through to St. Louis, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, for 24 hours in each city visiting local trucks. The weekend was spent in Columbus, OH at the Columbus Mobile Food Conference & Expo. While at the Columbus conference FTI was able to demonstrate the tools and features available to food truck owners that will save them time and help them grow their businesses.  Additionally Eric sat sat on a social media panel to share his knowledge with food truck owners and prospective new owners on  his experience and social media best practices.

The final stop of the trip was in Pittsburgh Sunday night to visit a bunch of PGH food truck owners at a brewery on Sunday night and at their food trucks on Monday before flying back to Providence. Although Eric was able to visit numbers of trucks during brief stops in each city, he is looking forward to the opportunity to spend more time in each city during his next visit.   

The next leg of the spring travel was in early March of 2016.  Eric attended the Capital City Food Truck Convention. It was a very productive weekend of networking with mobile food vendors from around the region, while hosting a couple of demo sessions, and sitting on a number of educational panels. 

The last leg of the spring travel was in late March in Denver Colorado for a Night of Networking at eTuk.  A great crowd showed up to the eTuk showroom for a night of networking and learning more about and the unique eTuk products. 

For Eric and the team at there is no better way to keep in touch with the current climate of the mobile food industry than by being out on the road visiting food trucks on their home turf.