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It is not easy finding cheesy!

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EricW //


I just completed a "Food Truck Tour" that happily started in my home city of Providence RI on May 30th!!  Then cuisine stops at food trucks all through Connecticut, Delaware, Washington DC, Virginia and South Carolina before relaxing in Hilton Head for a few days with friends and family (all work and no play....!) before heading back along a different homeward bound route, stopping at places I didn't hit on the way down; Charleston, Raleigh, Baltimore, New Haven and Hartford.

Hard to imagine, or describe, all the style, quality and variety of foods all along the way. And, it's impossible for me not to be reminded of just how beautiful and historic so many of our great American cities are and, at the same time, not to be impressed with meeting the food truck entrepreneurs who display such remarkable motivation and drive. These mothers and sons, couples, former servicemen, classically trained chefs, hair dressers, stay at home moms, carpenters, real estate agents, and students. So many background stories inspirational, humorous, touching, engaging, moving, happy stories one after another. Talking with so many operators has been so encouraging and stimulating. Incredibly so! In fact, as delicious as the food was, it's hard not to deeply appreciate and marvel at these great stories and be reminded that the American dream is very alive and very well.  All in all I ate at about 60 food trucks and visited over 100 in total!! Impressive, I'd say.

And again, on this trip, I found out first hand that it really is not an easy task to find all of these wonderful people in their glorious and unique food trucks, serving up some of the best, and most varied, food I've ever eaten! I had to work to find these food trucks!  Chasing Facebook and Twitter, Googling addresses, texting and calling regularly. Not easy. And that, in itself, reinforced the entire concept of FoodTrucksIn, and what we have set out to easy way to find food trucks!

So, here is my final comment (for the moment!). This trip was deeply worthwhile because not only did I see great cities, meet phenomenally interesting people and taste great food, but I began to test our food truck "check in" service and fully realize and understand and know how much easier it will be to find who is "serving now" the next time any of us go out to access and meet all the grEeat food trucks that are out there.

And, that's what I think we all want!