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Moose Truck - Food Truck Interview

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EricW //

I have fond memories of Kansas City, MO.  A number of years ago a close family friend moved back home to Kansas City. Since then, I've been back a few times and always enjoy visiting, getting to know the city, catching some baseball games, and enjoying some of the local food. I am really looking forward to getting back to KC to enjoy it through the food trucks and FoodTrucksIn.Com!!

It seems as if Kansas City has a growing food truck community and that piques my interest and grabs my attention. As a result, I've contacted a few food truck owners in the area. One of those owners is Bethany who oversees the events and operation for the Moose Truck. I've enjoyed communicating with and  asked her to share some of her insights with me. Now I'm happy to share them with you.

Eric: Bethany tell me what your role is for the Moose Truck? 

Bethany: I am the sales and events manager for the Moose Truck.

Eric: So who actually owns the truck?

Bethany: K.C. Hopps, Ltd. Restaurants & Breweries

Eric: When did you open your food truck? 

Bethany: September 20, 2012

Eric: How did K.C. Hopps get into the food truck business?

Bethany: Our company decided it was a good decision to help grow the brand, create a mobile catering machine to go with our restaurants, and we love food trucks!

Eric: Your truck is associated with some restaurants! How do you market your truck in relationship to your restaurants? 

Bethany: Our Moose Truck is in affiliation with the Blue Moose Bar & Grill. There are currently 4 Blue Moose locations. We do a lot of marketing in house to share information about our food truck and like any business have loyal guests in databases that we share and market.

Eric: What’s your truck’s name? Is there a story behind the name?

Bethany: A little folklore for you. Moose Truck. Since this area was first settled, numerous citizens have called the police to report a seven foot tall, dark blue beast with huge antlers was wandering the streets. Over the years, the elusive and mysterious Blue Moose has been on the loose. Some say he’s merely a legend. Some say he’s a figment of the community’s imagination. But we are believers. We’ve seen the grainy photographs, the plaster casts of his footprints and we’ve heard all the stories about people’s encounters with Big Blue.He’s eluded capture after all these years, and because of that, we have decided to name our truck after him. We know he is rarer than a four-leaf clover, more fortuitous than a horseshoe and luckier than a rabbit’s foot. We’ve paid homage to Big Blue by turning our food truck into “The Moose on the Loose.”

Eric: Do you work in Kansas City and Kansas City? Does having two cities with the same name so close by cause any challenges for the local food trucks? Of course I am referring to Missouri and Kansas

Bethany: Yes, there is a lot of licensing for different communities which gets expensive. Some communities also do not allow food truck licensing for serving at all or there are restrictions in how often and where you can park, vend and serve.

Eric: Do the two cities both have a vibrant food truck scene?

Bethany: A lot of big companies enjoy trucks coming to lunches on a rotation and this is very vibrant. Trucks are also very active downtown Kansas City, MO and First Fridays of the month in downtown Kansas City, MO. Trucks also do a lot of private events and community events like festivals, charities and sporting events.

Eric: What would you say is the most popular item on the truck?

Bethany: We enjoy creating delicious Angus Burgers, Mahi Fish Tacos, Italian Beef Sandwiches and other gourmet Sausages. We have a versatile menu and change what we offer based on the clientele, the demographic and season.

Eric: Do you have a menu item that is truly unique to your food truck?

Bethany: We hand-dip, batter with funnel cake batter, fry and serve with chocolate sauce and sprinkles of powder sugar our Fried Twinkie. We serve it on a Wooden Skewer. It is not to sweet but just right, hot and delicious. (Photo below)

Eric: What percentage of time does your truck do street service, catering, and events?

Bethany: 70% catering 25% events 5% street

Eric: Are there areas that most of the trucks go to regularly?

Bethany: First Fridays, Art with a Mission at The Promise Wedding & Event Space. We are also excited about a new beer festival this year, Boulevardia. June 13th through 15th.

Eric: In general do you try to find locations where you are the only truck or do you do better when you are with a group or cluster of trucks?

Bethany: It depends on the amount of volume and event. I think its great to work with other trucks, we are a part of an Food Truck alliance in the community, Elite Street Eats. Elite Street Eats is a collective mix of some of the finest food trucks in Kansas City. Our mission is to work together to provide unique and creative cuisine for community and private events throughout the KC Metro.

Eric: What do you enjoy most about the food truck?

Bethany: What I personally enjoy is being unique and catering to the client with private events. Especially memorable events for groups like their wedding celebrations. We have had had several wedding events, and it truly means a lot to be a part of these special occasions that the guests will remember for the rest of their life. When somebody invites you to take care of them and their guests stomachs J on this special day, it really means a lot and is very important to us.

Eric: What is the best thing you’ve ever eaten from another food truck/cart?  Which truck was it and where?

Bethany: Little Italy KC has really good Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches and Risotto Balls. Yum!

Eric: Have you eaten at food trucks in other cities?

Bethany: No, can’t wait though!

Eric: What city's food truck scene would you most like to visit and why?

Bethany: Chicago, I see and hear a lot of great things

You can learn more about Moose Truck and at