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Not Even Half the Story

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EricW //

Today is an exciting day for  we have released the directory of mobile food trucks, stands, and carts on our website.   This list is the result of painstaking work that took months to complete.   The directory consists of over 3,400 food trucks representing almost every state, county, and city across the country.   

Check it out!  Search by address, city, or zip code.  How do the results work?  First you will always see the food trucks that are “checked in” and will see how close they are to you (this feature is coming soon!).  Currently you will see all of the trucks that have provided us with a logo and a description.  

Why isn’t every state represented equally?  Our methodology included a seven point procedure to search for every food truck, cart, or stand in the country that is movable and has a website, Twitter feed, or Facebook page.   As expected states like California and Texas lead the nation with food trucks, we have 626 and 384 in our directory respectively.  Unfortunately we were unable to locate a single qualified truck in state like New Hampshire and South Dakota.   It was not without trying!  We hope that the culture and rules and regulations in some of the states with fewer or no trucks change.  We continue to search every day for new trucks or ones that we missed.  If you know of a missing truck please be sure to let us know.  

We are the only resource that gives you the ability to search and learn about every truck in the country.