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Our Atlanta Visit - 4/30/14

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EricW //

View the pictures from our visit here!

On Wednesday May 1, 2014, I spent the day in Atlanta. However, getting there started with a drive from Orlando the previous evening that took just under seven hours, most of which was through a heavy rain. Then, when I arrived in Atlanta I was concerned that the bad weather would keep at least some food trucks from being out on the road. And, as it turned out, the weather did keep trucks from being out and about including those that would normally have been at the new Atlanta Food Park, as well as at a few other locations. But I could tell just by stopping by the park what a great location it would be on a "working" day, a great place to try the food and visit and hang out with people and trucks! But, after all is said and done, I was fortunate to have been invited to a couple of commercial kitchens where I was able to chat with a number of people and see numerous food trucks (even though they were parked for the day).

As the day went on, I regretted that I had only scheduled one day in Atlanta. It is one of the largest cities I have visited, with a growing food truck scene. It would have been better, with the beauty of hindsight, to have planned to stay in town until Thursday or Friday when a number of food truck events were planned. And, here's one last thing: compared to my normal food truck experiences, and I know how strange this may sound, I was only able to eat at three trucks during the entire day! But, as I have come to expect, that food was great! I need to get back to Atlanta on another trip! 

An important reason I take food truck trips is to meet food trucks operators in person and explain to them what we do at and to create a better understanding of just how can help promote and grow their business including how to better and more efficiently communicate with existing and potential customers. 

At we are committed to being the best source for food trucks and food truck customers to find each other by providing locations of food trucks and information about the food truck community. As part of that commitment, we have developed tools and features for food trucks to use to promote and grow their business, and we visit as many cities as we can to meet as many operators and customers as we can. We are dedicated to the food truck industry and their customers. And, bringing them together. 

Now, every time we complete one of our road/food truck trips, having met many wonderful food truckers, eaten an enormous amount of their great food and met so many interesting local people, we will post the trucks that we've had the pleasure to see, being grateful for that opportunity yet regretting the food trucks and people that we have missed!

Here is the list of trucks that I was able to meet in person and was fortunate enough to try their food. 

View the pictures from our visit here!