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Our Baltimore Visit

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EricW //

View the pictures from our visit here!

At we have made a commitment to being the best source for food trucks and food truck customers to find each other by providing locations and information about the food truck community. . As part of that commitment, we will visit as many cities as we can to meet as many operators and customers as we can so we will always be able to fulfill that commitment. We are dedicated to the food truck industry and their customers. And, bringing them together.

And now, every time we have completed one of our trips, having met many wonderful food truckers, eaten an enormous amount of their great food and met so many interesting local people, we will post the trucks we've had the pleasure to see, being grateful for that opportunity yet regretting the food trucks and people that we have missed!

As we continue to travel and meet food trucks in different cities we found ourselves in Baltimore for an afternoon on our way to Pennsylvania. It was not the the first time we passed through, and we are commited to getting back sometime this year to visit one of the famous Gathering events and touch base with many of the trucks we have yet not met.  And, we always feel warmly welcomed in Baltimore; many food trucks owners that are not out on the road have made the time  to meet us over coffee. We especially appreciate that sense of involvement and hospitality.  

View the pictures from our visit here!