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Our Colorado Visit 9-21-14

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EricW //

View the pictures from our visit here!  

I often visit Denver, CO and, with having family and friends there, I've been doing so ever since I was kid. 

Now, one of the enduring things about making personal trips to Denver is that I've been able to build endearing relationships with some of the Denver area food trucks as well as memorable, brief food truck visits to Boulder, Longmont, and Fort Collins. So, it's always good to get back regularly and catch up with some "old" food truck friends as well as getting to meet some new people. 

One of the weekly events in Denver that occurs all summer long into the fall is Civic Center Eats. "Civic Center EATS provides an opportunity for downtown employees, residents, and visitors to experience the beauty of Civic Center, enjoy a delicious outdoor lunch, listen to live music and connect with the community. Shaded tables and an on-site ATM are provided". (Source) And, during my previous visits, the timing has never worked out to get to visit that popular twice weekly event.  This time the timing worked out and I did! And, I was even able to spend some time with Eric from the Civic Center Conservancy that organizes the event. The work that they do, not just with Civic Center Eats but all around Denver, is very impressive. 

This trip also enabled me to not only visit previously known trucks but to meet many new trucks and introduce them to as well as to introduce myself and to a number of mobile vendors for the first time who were already using our Serving Now tools. 

View the full details about the Civic Center Eats event here!

Here is the list of trucks that I was able to meet in person during my recent visit and those that were in attendance at Civic Center Eats on 9/23:

View the pictures from our visit here!

At we are committed to being the best source for food trucks and food truck customers to find each other by providing locations of food trucks and information about the food truck community. As part of that commitment, we have developed tools and features for food trucks to use to promote and grow their business, and we visit as many cities as we can to meet as many operators and customers as we can. We are dedicated to the food truck industry and their customers. And, bringing them together. 

Now, every time we complete one of our road/food truck trips, having met many wonderful food truckers, eaten an enormous amount of their great food and met so many interesting local people, we will post the trucks that we've had the pleasure to see, being grateful for that opportunity yet regretting the food trucks and people that we have missed!