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Our First Code Sprint

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EricW //

Last Saturday we completed our first, "code sprint." In my mind, it's a website version of a food truck prepping for a big event. 

So, what exactly is a code sprint? Well, until very recently I had never even heard the term, "code sprint". 

So, here it is: a code sprint is an activity designed to complete specific website coding tasks in a quick, efficient fashion.  In general it is a way to bring website coders together over a condensed period of time to achieve very specific website coding and development goals. There are basically two type of code sprints; in-person and virtual.( 

And, the reason I now know something about all of this all of a sudden is because, for the first time ever, utilized a code sprint with 3 of us locked in a room (poetic license; there was no lock!) last Saturday working for 14 hours on some of the next tools and features that we will offer through   

Clearly, I am not a coder, so my job for this code sprint was to host it, provide food and refreshments (I tried hard to get a food truck to swing by the house, but never achieved success), help set goals for the sprint and to provide feedback throughout the day. The actually coding was completed by my partner Stephen @stephencross and by John @johnpicozzi a talented local coder, familiar with the platform on which is built. 

It was a successful, broadening and impressive experience, reflected in just how much we were able to accomplish. In fact, it was so successful that we've planned another one for this upcoming weekend (we have enough leftover snacks and beverages for at least three more code sprints!). However, this weekend will be a bit different. We will get together over two days, Nic @nicxvan will be joining us, with the expectation of getting 72 man hours of work completed over 24 hours of actual time. 

It really does sound like what food truckers have to go through to prep for a really big event! Long hours with a thoughtful plan on how to get everything completed!