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Our Manayunk Philadelphia Visit

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EricW //

View the pictures from our visit here!

At we are committed to being the best source for food trucks and food truck customers to find each other by providing locations of food trucks and information about the food truck community. As part of that commitment, we will visit as many cities as we can to meet as many operators and customers as we can so we will always be able to fulfill that commitment. We are dedicated to the food truck industry and their customers. And, bringing them together.

Now, every time we complete one of our road/food truck trips, having met many wonderful food truckers, eaten an enormous amount of their great food and met so many interesting local people, we will post the trucks that we've had the pleasure to see, being grateful for that opportunity yet regretting the food trucks and people that we have missed!

So, after a truly enjoyable and engaging Friday evening on April 11th in York, PA at Foodstruck York, I had planned to return home to Providence, RI. but, alas, that was short lived; about as long as it took to hear about the spring version of the wonderfully reputed Manayunk StrEat Food Festival occurring in northern Philadelphia on the 12th, in the Manayunk neighborhood. I simply decided to stay until Saturday night so I could enjoy it! 

A handful of trucks that participated in Foodstruck York were also going to be attending the Manayunk StrEat festival on Saturday. Again, I realized just how much time, prep and energy it takes for a food truck to do back to back events. Quite the effort and lots of work! But, I've noticed this so often: the dedication and diligence required to be in this business. And, for me it was great to see some of the same smiling welcoming people at back to back events. 

I arrived at the Manayunk site at 8:30 AM, fully aware that the event did not officially start until 11am.  But for me, arriving early is often a most rewarding time. I get to experience the organizers' putting on the finishing touches that assure the event goes smoothly and I get to visit and chat with food trucks as they are arriving, setting up and finishing their prep for what they optimistically expect will be a busy day. And naturally, there are always the dedicated food truck lovers that arrive early, anxiously waiting for food truck windows to open.  But after walking around and chatting it up a bit, I settled into an outdoor table at the Volo Coffeehouse and did a little work, watched the hustle of getting ready and waited for the event to start.

The event started promptly at 11:00 AM. Each and every food truck had their windows open and was ready to serve. The weather was perfect. As the day went on the crowds increased, the lines got longer, and the bars and restaurants filled up. A number of local business owners and employees mentioned that Saturday afternoons are always busy in Manayunk but when the food trucks show up, there is a special kind of excitement. 

There are great things about neighborhood festivals. The retailers in the area, restaurants, and food trucks work closely together so the event will benefit an entire community. Often these events will bring people into the neighborhood for the first time and likewise will expose people from other area to food trucks for the first time. All day long in Manayunk I met people that had come to the area with the intention of making a quick stop, or just dropping something off at the post office, or were just bicycling through, that ended up having new food experiences and staying for the day. 

I had a truly remarkable day, and enjoyed having breakfast at 11am, lunch at 1pm, and dinner at 4pm (more on that soon). Hope you can get a sense of just how good it was! 

To see the full list of food trucks in attendance visit the event page here!

View the pictures from our visit here!