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P. Ditty's Wrap Wagon- Food Truck Interview

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EricW //

This week we feature P. Ditty’s Wrap Wagon in Boise, ID in our weekly food truck interview.

I wanted to learn more about their food truck and about Boise

The more I know about the mobile food vendor industry, and the more time I spend on the road visiting food trucks in cities across the country, the more I realize how many great cities and places I have yet to visit. Boise is one of them.  

So, who better to contact than Miranda of the food truck that has been the most active on in all of Boise? Besides, I really got a kick out of their food truck name. 

I learned a lot of stuff about P. Ditty’s Wrap Wagon and Boise, and am pleased to share that information below.

Eric: Are you the only owner of P. Ditty's Wrap Wagon:

Miranda: There are 3 of us: my mother and founder, Pattye Ditty,  my husband, Shane Brown, and myself, Miranda Ditty.

Eric: Do all three of you work on the truck yourselves?

Miranda: My husband, Shane, and I do. It's a family business and our son, Dylan, helps us with bigger events. Our friend Chris S., helps us with bigger events as well.

Eric: What did you guys do before owning the truck?

Miranda: My Mom, P. Ditty herself, lived in Salmon, ID and ran a deli there selling P. Ditty's Wraps. Shane and I were co-managing a local restaurant and bar called Woody's Pub & Grill. All 3 of us have always loved to cook good food and each of us have our own signature wraps on the menu.

Eric: Were you a customer of food trucks before you opened yours?

Miranda: Absolutely! It was love at first bite, the first time I bit into a sloppy grilled cheese sandwich from Archie's Place here in Boise.

Eric: Is there a memorable story about the moment that you decided to start the food truck?

Miranda: My mom was living in Salmon, ID at the time. She was watching the TV show, "The Great Food Truck Race," and decided she wanted to sell her house, move to Boise with us and start P. Ditty's Wrap Wagon. So that's exactly what we did.

Eric: What date did the first truck go on the road to serve customers? Do you remember your very first customer?

Miranda: Our very first time taking the truck out was June 16th, 2012, for the Boise Pride Festival. here in Boise at Ann Morrison Park during Pride Week. We hadn't even done a lunch or dinner service yet and jumped on an event that attracts over 10,000 people. It was a wonderful first day in business, supporting and being a part of such a wonderful cause. Our very first customers were a female couple that couldn't wait for us to open. I remember giving them a paper to-go menu to tide them over until we were ready to start serving. They were first in line and the first people to purchase wraps from our truck. They made it a point to come back later in the day to tell us how tasty our food was. We knew from that moment on, we were doing exactly what we're supposed to be doing. It was a great feeling.

Eric: How did you come up with the name? I assume most people get the rap/wrap reference?

Miranda: My mom came up with the name. Her name is Pattye Ditty and she made wraps in a deli before buying the food truck. It was the perfect combination to have the perfect name! Everyone gets the wrap/rap reference and thinks it's pretty clever. One of our customers, Chris, came up with the wrap sizes for us. Biggie and Smalls instead of small and large.

Eric: The first time I read your name I laughed out loud thinking about the rapper Sean (P. Diddy) Combs! I loved it! Where did you buy your truck? Did you do a lot of work to it yourself?

Miranda: We bought the truck in Portland, Oregon from It was all built and ready to go! The only thing we had to do was purchase our flat top, refrigerator, containers and utensils and we were set.

Eric: I have never been to Boise or Idaho!  How would you describe Boise in general?

Miranda: Oh, man! Boise is amazing and I believe it to be underrated. There is a thriving scene of musicians, artists, businesses and food. Everyone is friendly, the city is super clean and the crime rate is really low. It's a beautiful, wonderful place to live. We have a ski resort, Bogus Basin, for winter time fun and the Boise River for summer time fun as well as the Lucky Peak State Park for boating, picnicking, camping, etc. We are just a hop, skip and a jump away from Idaho City and McCall, both boasting their own amazing outdoor scenes and activities. Not to mention all of the other notable towns and cities surrounding us. We get 4 full seasons, which are absolutely breathtaking. The sunsets here are like no other I have ever seen. I highly suggest visiting, Eric! You won't regret it :)

Eric: That is a great invitation. It sounds a lot like the way I describe Providence, I look forward to getting out there.   How would you describe the food truck scene in Boise?

Miranda: It's flourishing! We've been the busiest we've ever been in the past 2 years. There are plenty of trucks before us and plenty that are popping up after us. Each has been very successful, with some even opening brick and mortars (restaurants) because of their overwhelming success.

Eric: Has the city and surrounding area been welcoming of food trucks?

Miranda: Yes and no. The community has been very supportive of food trucks, as well as a number of Boise businesses. However, food trucks are not allowed downtown in the BID area, which is between State and Myrtle St. and 5th & 13th Sts. We are regularly asked by customers why we don't offer lunch or dinner services downtown. Our answer is always the same. We would love to serve downtown, but it's simply against the law to park there. Carts are allowed downtown, but not food trucks.

Eric: Unfortunately, that sounds like so many other cities. It is quite a shame that local officials don’t support mobile food vendors; it's what people want! What do you expect the food truck scene to look like in Boise in 3 years?

Miranda: I believe the scene will continue to flourish. There are new trucks popping up all the time. Boise is finally going to get its first food truck park as well! It's called the West End Food Park and things are just getting started. There will be a rotation of trucks and the overall plan is to have a park like setting, with a stage, live music and a farmer's market, too. The park is in the beginning stages, so for now, it's a parking lot with picnic benches and whatnot. We plan on having our truck there at least once a week for sure. It's going to be such a great addition to Boise.

Eric: How far will you travel to do an event with the food truck?

Miranda: We'll travel just about anywhere as long as the gas is paid for! We've catered weddings in the past that have been out of town and are gearing up to do it again later this summer in Donnelly and McCall, Idaho.

Eric:What percentage of time does your truck do street service, catering, and events?

Miranda: We do lunch services for Idaho Power, Hewlett Packard and St. Luke's Hospital, Tuesday through Friday. We do events and catering on the weekends and sometimes on week nights as well.

Eric: How would you describe your food? Do you just do wraps?

Miranda: The majority of our menu is wraps, but we also offer nachos, salads, quesadillas and corn tacos. Basically, you can choose any wrap off our menu and turn it into one of those 4 choices instead. Our food is all made from scratch and homemade. Our meats are slow cooked and hand pulled. Nothing is pre-wrapped and everything is made to order. We have a full meat eaters' menu and a full vegan and vegetarian menu, as well.

Eric: How often do you offer specials or change your menu?

Miranda: We offer a weekly special, but our staple wraps are always on our menu.

Eric: What is your best selling item?

Miranda: I would have to say all of our wraps are equally loved and are fan favorites. There are some people that have tried everything on the menu and have said they can't choose a favorite! Others won't stray away from the one wrap that has captured their heart and their tummy. The one thing that people are addicted to and continually rant and rave about, is my husband Shane's homemade salsa. It's absolutely delicious and I would have to say I am addicted to it, too! 

Eric: What city has a vibrant food truck scene that you would most like to visit?

Miranda: Definitely Portland, New York and Los Angeles!

Eric: Is there a food truck that you have not eaten at that you would like to try?

Miranda: There are quite a few of them, but we try our best to make the rounds.

Eric: You use regularly to let your existing and potential customers know where you are. How has it been helpful to your business?

Miranda: Honestly, I don't know what I would do without! Your website has been so helpful in so many ways and I am very thankful for you and your team!

Eric: Thanks, Miranda. That's great to hear!

You can learn more about where Miranda the the P. Ditty Wrappers will be Serving Now at