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Roaming from Texas to Tennessee

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EricW //

Yesterday I landed in Austin, TX to begin an 8 day road trip of visiting food trucks and attending the ROAM Street Food Conference. I arrived in Austin at 3pm, and by 4:30pm I had my rental car and was ready to head toward San Antonio, the first stop of my trip. Before I pulled out of the rental car lot I used to see which local food trucks were Serving Now along the route to San Antonio from Austin. I was pretty excited to see that Cafe Ybor Food Bus was checked-in at a new food truck park in Buda, TX, about 15 miles away and just a few minutes off of my planned route. 

Within a couple hours of landing I was easily able to find Cafe Ybor Food Bus at a remote (for me) location, meet Mike the owner, learn about his business, and of course grab a great bite.  After a long day of travel it was a fun way to hit the road, and just what I needed after eating just snacks all day.

I don't think I could have asked for a better start to the trip. I go to visit Buda, TX for the first time, and I was able to have a fresh tasty meal from a great truck that uses daily.  On to San Antonio....and beyond!