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Spring Time Food Truck Visits Continue

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EricW //

On Monday, I'll begin the final week of the month of April, the same the way I started it; on the road, visiting food trucks! It's been a fantastic month of visiting trucks, speaking with operators, and chatting with food truck customers. 

And, this final week and into the first week of May, my travels will take me to Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. Between traveling by plane and car, I'll cover over 1,000's of miles. 

Of course I will share the details as I go along but wanted to start by letting you know what I'll be up to, where I'll be up to it and when I'm going to do it! But, it's all in the name of spreading my love of food trucks and If you are a food truck owner or food truck lover in any of the cities I'm visiting, or along the route, please let us know. It would be great to meet you. At a food truck, of course!

Upcoming travel 4/28-5/2

Monday 4/28 Miami Area

I arrive Ft. Lauderdale in time for lunch and will chase food trucks around the Miami area for the afternoon.

I'll will spend the evening with the Miami area trucks at the Food Trucks of Hollywood Arts Park weekly event. 

Tuesday 4/29 Orlando, FL

I drive to Orlando and will chase food trucks around during lunch time.

Then I'll attend Tasty Tuesdays in the Milk District and squeeze in more of the Orlando food trucks.

You can join us at the Imperial Wine Bar & Beer Garden at 1800 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL at 9:15pm for a post event food truck social. 

Wednesday 4/30 Atlanta, GA

I'll will arrive in Atlanta in time to visit trucks on the early side of lunch at Underground Atlanta 50 Upper Alabama Street, Atlanta.

My next stop will be to meet the food trucks at the Atlanta Food Truck Park & Market.

In the evening I'll will be hosting a food truck social at a yet to be determined location.

Thursday & Friday 5/1-5/2 Charlotte, NC

I'll arrive in Charlotte in time to catch up with the area food trucks during lunch.

From 2pm-4pm I'll attend a JWU Charlotte student Entrepreneurship event.

I'll will spend the evening visiting food trucks around town and will host a food truck social in a yet to be determined location. 

On Friday, I'll spend the day catching up with more of the food trucks of Charlotte and in the evening will head over to Food Truck Friday.

I'm looking forward to this Southern Excursion! Sounds like a grand time to me!