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Spring Time for Food Trucks

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EricW //
Spring has arrived! Well, at least on the calendar it has! 
I know that for many food truck operators and food trucks lovers, Springtime is the beginning of the season for food truck eating indulgence, at least in many part of the country.
For me, it means getting ready for the first of many trips over the next few weeks to visit food trucks in cities that I will often be visiting for the first time. It will also provide an opportunity to stop at events at which there will be as  many as 200 food trucks as well as 1,000’s of food truck lovers, whom I affectionately call “Trucker Lovers”.  If you happen to be on Twitter, I am trying to get  #TruckerLvr to take off!  Please join the fun! 
So, my first rite of Spring trip starts on Thursday morning when I depart for Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida, followed by some time in South Carolina, primarily in Hilton Head.  If you know the food truck scene really well then you may know that Hilton Head lacks food trucks! But it does have lots of tennis and I hope warm, sunny weather. I am looking forward those few days off and will attempt to burn off some of the many delicious calories that are happily in my future over the next few weeks.
Of course I will share the details as I go along but wanted to start by letting you know what I will be up to and where I'll be, all in the name of spreading my love of food trucks and
3/27 Arrive in Tampa and host the pre-party for the World's Largest Food Truck Event
3/28 Visit Tampa and St. Petersburg area food trucks. I wonder if I can find some food trucks at any of the areas final spring training baseball games?
3/30  Visit the food trucks of Jacksonville  in the evening
4/6  Back for another quick visit of the Jacksonville food trucks
4/11  Arrive in Baltimore and visit food trucks during lunch time
4/11  Visit the fine food trucks and trucker lovers attending FoodStruckYork in York, PA
4/12  Philly for the day at the Manayunk Street Food Festival
4/14-4/16  A quick trip to Salt Lake City to host a food truck social and visit the trucks of Utah
4/28  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area trucks for the Arts Park Hollywood event.
4/29  Tuesday night with the Food Trucks of Orlando at Tasty Tuesdays 
4/30   Atlanta GA spending as much of the day as possible with Atlanta food trucks 
5/1 Arrive in Charlotte to attend a Johnson and Wales University student entrepreneur event and visit trucks and host a food truck social. 
5/2  Food Truck Friday in Charlotte If you are a food truck operator or food truck lover in my path, please let me know; I'd love to meet you!