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Super Bowl Food Truck Weekend in New Jersey!

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EricW //

If you are a fan of professional football there is no bigger, better or more engaging weekend than the one and only Super Bowl weekend,and no bigger night than the night of the big game itself!!!

For millions and millions of fans, and even non-fans, the Super Bowl is "The Annual Get Together With Friends Event,"  where we watch, drink, snack, shout and scream, jump up and down, dress as crazy as you'd like, and indulge in a smorgasbord of tasty, if not always healthy, food.  And, let's not forget that for many, the festivities begin early and end late....throughout the entire weekend.

For those who are fortunate enough to be a Denver Broncos or Seattle Seahawks fan, this year's Super Bowl is particularly exciting. And for those who live in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area, hosting an outdoor Super Bowl may be particularly fun. 

For me? I cannot wait for the big game and I am "super" happy to be heading to the New Jersey area to meet a group of food trucks for the first time and to say hello to some wonderful people I met this past summer, in much warmer conditions! While others are planning to brave the cold inside Met Life Stadium this weekend, I will be running from one glorious, delicious food truck to another on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

Yup, I plan on spending the bulk of my time at the Secaucus Winter Blast- Food Truck Mash Up.  With as many as 30 food trucks at this one stop location in Secaucus, New Jersey over those 3 days, it will be the epicenter of food truck activity during Superbowl weekend. 

Of course, anytime I am able to travel to a great food truck event, I always look forward to making the rounds, saying hello and meeting people who operate and enjoy eating at the trucks.  As if that wasn't enough, in the mornings, while recovering from my evening food coma, I often invite food truck operators and food truck lovers to join me for coffee to chat about all things food trucks! I'm just a simple guy with simple pleasures! 

By the end of the weekend, and just before the game, I am sure I will have met many great people and, like many others, will be looking forward to sitting back with good friends to watch the the cozy indooors, on a comfy chair, watching the commercials and maybe, just maybe, eating some tasty take home food truck food!