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Tips for Choosing a Memorable Food Truck Meal

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EricW //

There are at least two primary ways to enjoy a food truck dining experience: You can either order a full meal from one inspired food truck, or you can put together a meal from a host of inspired food trucks! Both options are great, tasty, memorable choices and each will result in a satisfying and happy experience, and a very full belly.

I am often asked about my favorite food truck, best food truck meal, or where I have had the most unique meal. I have had so many memorable and fantastic meals that it is always hard to answer these types of questions. It has been common to have an exceptional and wonderful meal at any number of great trucks owned and operated by some of the best people around. But, for me, some of the most impressive and palate pleasing experiences have been in which I combined a variety of choices from 3 or more trucks.

Here are some simple tips on helping you choose a great food truck meal, whether from a single food truck or a meal from any number of food trucks! 

Choosing a meal from a single food truck:  

If you are like me as soon as you see a row of food trucks parked together whether on a street corner or at an event you get very excited. You know, The Pavlov reaction! I have a tendency to want to eat at the first truck I see. But, my recommendation is to take your time and browse a bit. Take a few minutes to look at the menu of each truck, not once but twice. I like to go to each truck and look at the menu and before I make a decision, I want to be sure to walk back past all of the trucks a second time. Having browsed each truck a few times reassures me I have seen all of the trucks and whets my appetite for that one special meal that is most appealing to me for that breakfast, lunch, dinner.... or, snack (and let's not forget that option - snack time!). 

But, the truth be known, I don’t follow this advice too often. I have a tendency to prefer to eat at multiple trucks and find myself only eating from a singular truck when there is only one truck to choose from.

Choosing a meal from multiple food trucks:

The first step is primarily the same. Browse all of the trucks and look at the menus. Depending on the number of trucks to choose from consider putting together a meal from 3-5 food trucks. Most food trucks have some items on their menus that cost $2-$5. If you have the right combination of trucks the perfect 5 truck meal would include smaller menu items including a beverage which, in themselves, vary from truck to truck. Consider choices of appetizer, small main course like a slider, taco, or empanada, a side, a beverage and a dessert, which you may need to save for later, as a snack, if you are full from your other great choices. It is also fun and socially engaging to share your choices with each food truck as you move from truck to truck. Food trucks operators work closely together with a sense of community, supporting each other. I have found they enjoy making recommendations about other trucks whose menu items might complement the items you have purchased from them or conversely, what items they offer to complement what you've already bought at another truck. 

But, no matter how you choose to do it, how bad can it be? Very good food from very good people who love what they do! That's a tasty combination.

Thinking and writing about this meal got me hungry so I went out on Sunday afternoon to visit some of our local food trucks at the Providence Flea Market! And, eat! Ah...success!

Here is the meal I ended up with: