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Changes to the Check-in Process

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We have made some changes to the way you input your upcoming schedule into your account. These changes will give you better control over your schedule and improve communication with your customers regarding your serving dates and times.  

Check-In Screen

1. We have removed the “Regular Schedule” option. All schedules are now defined for specific dates.  Your previous Regular Schedules have been converted to schedules on specific dates going out six weeks (from the convertion on November 23, 2014). 

2. We have added the ability to enter multiple dates at one time.

Adding multiple dates


3.  Sort your Future schedule by Date and Location by clicking in the column.   Delete multiple Future schedules by using the select check-box and choosing the “Delete Selected Items” button.

Sort and Delete

4. Your public page no longer has "Regular Schedule".   Your schedule is now displayed as "Upcoming Week:", the schedule for the next seven days, and "Future Schedule" with your schedule after the next seven dates. 

Upcoming week

5. You can now control how much of your upcoming schedule the public can view, All, 7 Day, 14 Days, 30 Days or 60 Days.   To update this setting, goto "My Account" -> "Edit Public Listings" -> "Edit" -> "Show Schedule For".

Show schedule for