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New ProMember Features - 12/10/15

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New ProMember Features

The newest ProMember features are now available: 

  • Copy existing or previous Check Ins
  • Add your Menu to your Public Listing 
  • Temporarily Out of Service

Copy Existing or Previous Check Ins

As a ProMember you can now copy any active, future, or previous Check In so that you can quickly and easily add another event to your future schedule.  The copy feature copies all time, address, comment, and social media fields which will save you time and make it even easier to keep your schedule of stops, services, and events up to date. 

Add your Menu to your Public Listing

ProMembers can now add a menu to their public listing. 

Temporarily Out of Service

Taking a vacation, closed for the season, off the road for repairs? ProMembers can now add Temporarily Out of Service and a descirption to their public listing. 

ProMembers can add a Menu and use Temporarily Out of Sevice by visiting My Account and choosing Edit Public Listing.  

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