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Update Facebook Integration

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Watch the video below to change or update your Facebook integration after it has been initially set up.  

This video will help you connect your business page to your account if during your initial set up you connected to your personal page. 

Congratulations!! You have properly set up the Facebook Integration and can now use our scheduling tool.

If you have connected to Facebook but your posts are not showing up you may need to disconnect and reconnect.  Please follow these instructions. 

How to Fix Facebook postings issue:

  1. On the FTI site go to My Account
  2. Click "Link to Facebook" 
  3. On this Page please click "Disconnect"
  4. On Facebook, click the "?" in the top right and click settings.
  5. Click "Apps" on the left side.
  6. Near the top right in the field marked "Search Apps" type FTI
  7. At the bottom click "Remove App"
  8. Go back to the FTI site and on Link to Facebook page click to add your Facebook account 



For any additional comments or questions contact us at or on Twitter: @foodtrucksin