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A Website for Every Food Truck

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EricW //

My partner Stephen and I have been working on our website for over a year now and fully understand, more than ever, how significant a role social media plays in the success of any food truck operation. It certainly increases the ability of food truck operators to communicate with their customers and "stay connected." 

With that thought in mind, we believe that in many ways, is adding value to the food truck industry's social media reach by bringing every food truck in the country to a single platform where customers can easily search for and learn about food trucks, their locations, and events. 

But, even with a strong social media presence, we also believe that every food truck business will reap significant benefits by having a website of their own to help create, attract and develop customers.

As a result from a recently completed research study that reflected statistical information on social media and websites in the food truck industry, and as part of our commitment to being a single resource for of finding information on all food trucks, we have built a web page for every truck as we add them to our listing. Now, food truckers will be able to log in and update detailed information about their truck, contact information and links to their website and social media pages. 

So now, food trucks that do not have their own website, or those who do but have not been able to update their websites as often as they would like, can find and update their detail on their own web page. 

Here are three examples of food trucks and their website pages that are part of