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Weight! There is more food to eat!

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EricW //

Last Thursday the calendar on my android smartphone reminded me that my Friday morning was going to start with my annual physical at my doctor’s office.

I am not someone that regularly gets on the scale to check my weight. There is no need!  I know what it will say. It will say I weigh 50 more pounds than I would like to. That was sure to be confirmed on Friday morning. 

I try to balance my love of food by staying very active and setting a very simple goal. Go in each year to my physical weighing less than I did the previous year. I am not always successful but it has led to a drop of over 70 pounds in the past 12 years, thanks to a little self-control and a lot of racquetball, tennis, cycling, and Zumba.

Admittedly last Friday I was a bit nervous.  After all, in the past 12 months I have paid little attention to how healthy I have been eating and even less attention to the quantity.  I can recall numerous times that I have eaten at 8 food trucks or more in a single day. As I have been out visiting cities and meeting food trucks I cannot introduce myself without trying the food at each stop.  It has led to so many great meals and experiences. 

As I entered the doctor's office at 8am I had pretty much given up on the idea of having dropped any weight since my last visit.  My most recent meal had been a short eight hours ago just after midnight. I found myself unable to pass Mijos Tacos truck without stopping.  There is nothing like a crispy carnitas tostada and pollo taco to end a fun night out with friends. Plus visiting Peter and Leysha always puts a smile on my face. 

I have so enjoyed the past 12 months of eating at food trucks. It has often been multiple times in a day. And, I can recall twice in the past year of having eaten at food trucks for 20 or more consecutive days. I have not really been concerned with how many meals a day I have eaten, how much I have eaten, or what time of day it is. I have just enjoyed eating the creations of the incredibly happy and talented small businesses owners that I have met along the way. The portions are reasonable. The ingredients are local, fresh and healthy. I think most people would probably be quite shocked to find out how local and fresh a meal from a food truck is likely to be.  Of course there are more than a few guilty pleasures on plenty of trucks, and plenty of trucks serving super tasty less than healthy food.   I have been very fortunate to experience it all. 

I left the doctor’s office at 9:30 AM with a wide smile having learned that I had lost 7 pounds since my last visit.  I celebrated by heading right to a food truck.