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Food Trucks at PRONK

Event Date: 
Monday, October 14, 2019 - 2:00pm to 10:00pm
Hosting Organization: 
PRONK!, The Providence Tourism Council, Rhode Island State Council for the Arts,
Event Description: 

Food trucks will be parked at PRONK starting at 2pm.

PRONK! 2019, in coordination with the City of Providence and Waterfire will join with the Pedestrian Footbridge People's Opening Celebration - Honoring Indigenous People.  PRONK 2019 will have four stages including the Hot Club Stage, The Hot Club Amphitheater Stage, the Dome Stage, and the Pedestrian Bridge Stage. At approximately 6 pm, there will be a lighted procession that starts at the Hot Club Stage and parades along south water street to the pedestrian bridge. An Indigenous People's Blessing and Bridge Opening will follow.

PRONK! 2019 presents a heartfelt antidote to mainstream culture by inviting people from all walks of life to come together for a day set aside for the celebration of music. We aim to blur social boundaries between audience, artist, and performers, resulting in a joyous reclamation of public space. 

PRONK! 2019 features more than 20 Street Brass bands from around the corner, around the country and around the globe.  PRONK! 2019 will be a cacophonous street celebration featuring brass bands, artists, and community activist groups, all taking over South Water Street and Bridge Street to celebrate, life, music, art, activism and those who make this world a better place.  

  • 2-5 pm: Bands perform at Hot Club Amphitheater Stage, Dome Stage (field near Point St + South Water), Footbridge Stage + Community Groups/Art-making stations along South Water Street 
  • 5 pm-ish: Parade down South Water from Hot Club to Pedestrian Footbridge
  • 6-7 pm: Pedestrian Footbridge Grand Opening Celebration
  • 6:30-10 pm: Bands perform at Hot Club, Dome Stage, and Pedestrian Footbridge

PRONK! 2019 is proud to feature several well-loved local street bands including the Extraordinary Rendition Band, Black Out Drum Squad, Scruffy Aristocrats, TAPA Dance Company, Coyote Brass Band and What Cheer? Brigade all from RI. 

Spanning the country and globe PRONK 2019 presents; Sagrada Profana from, Belo Horizonte Brazil, The Young Fellaz Brass Band from New Orleans, and Environmental Encroachment and the Clamor & Lace Noise Brigade from Chicago.  

We also feature many other bands from around New England, like Brass Queens, and Rude Mechanical Orchestra from NYC, Plezi Rara from Brooklyn, Unity Street Band from Syracuse, and Hartford Hot Several.  As well as many Honk favorites from Massachusetts including Second Line Brass Band, The Party Band, School of Honk, JP Honk Band, Band Land Brass Band, Fly By Brass Band, and Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band.       

Please come and enjoy the sights and sounds of artists, activists and street bands from around the globe as PRONK! 2019 fills our fair city as part of the 12th annual Providence HONK (PRONK!) Festival.  Please help us spread the word and if you are able to contribute to this one of a kind celebration of music and life the Gofundme address is below.   Did we mention that this amazing festival is free?

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Background on PRONK!

PRONK! is a grassroots, volunteer-run, neighborhood event made possible by the support of hundreds of local partners.

This year PRONK partners with many community organizations and 250+ students, organizers, volunteers, will participate in the parade alongside musical acts. Providence-based artists work with local groups to create costumes, banners, and mobile displays. Community organizations participating in the festival this year include Youth In Action, Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts, George Wiley Center, Side With Love, RI Latino Arts, Tenderloin Opera Company, Youth in Action, RICARES, Providence Student Union, Glitter Goddess Art Collective, Big Nazo, PrYSM, AS220 Youth, NUA, If Not Now,  City Arts, Headcount, The Womxn Project, Sweetie Cares, Radical and Environmental Committee, Alzheimer’s Association, The Avenue Concept, and many more!

PRONK! exploded onto the streets of Providence in 2008 inviting musicians, artists, activists, makers, and folks from all walks of life to come together for a day of celebration, awareness, and music. 

PRONK! is part of a national/global HONK! movement with sister festivals in Austin; Detroit; Somerville, MA; NYC; Pittsburgh; Seattle; Wollongong, Australia; and Rio de Janeiro. PRONK! follows the HONK! Festival, held October 11th – 13th in and around Somerville, MA.  The ideal timing of the two festivals allows PRONK! to host bands from as far away as Moscow and Seattle for the delight out of town visitors, residents, and the casual passersby, inviting all in attendance to revel in public space in Providence in a unique way. Many PRONK! musicians continue on to participate in HONK! NYC which begins on October 15h. 

The Providence Honk Festival committee is made up of a revolving cast of tireless volunteers who wear many hats to bring PRONK! to PVD each year. But, PRONK! would not be possible without the support of the hundreds of local partners! Kickstarter donors, fundraiser attendees, and grantors who provide critical support to bring this celebration to our park and streets. 

PRONK! 2019 is help made possible by The Providence Tourism Council, Rhode Island State Council for the Arts, The Hot Club, The Avenue Concept, Coffee Exchange, Fellini Pizzeria, Olga's Cup & Saucer, Studio Blue, PVD Food Truck Events and many other gracious sponsors.  For more info about PRONK!, including sponsors and performing bands visit or search for Providence Honk Fest on Facebook

Fee to Attend: 

Scheduled to attend (subject to change):

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