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About Us


Email:   Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @FoodTrucksIn


What we do is dedicated to serving the food truck community and the hungry customers who want to find them by providing food truck information, the locations of food trucks who are currently serving, and details about upcoming food truck events. 

Use to search for food trucks in any area of the country, to find food truck events and which trucks that are serving right now. currently lists over 6,500 food trucks in over 1,300 cities across every corner of this hungry country.

With that knowledge in mind we, at, have several initial goals:  

  • To be the most complete and comprehensive list of food trucks in every state, and across the country!
  • To make it simple and easy to find the location of every food truck currently serving!  Our “check in” makes it virtually effortless for food trucks to "check in" wherever they go so you can know exactly when and where and they are serving their special food and drink, right now! Food truck lovers simply and conveniently can visit and click  "GET MY LOCATION" or just type in your current address, city, or zip code, and you will immediately discover which  food trucks are “checked in” by distance from your location as well as see a complete list of food trucks that are serving in that area.     
  • To share Food Truck Events!  With every search result, will also display a list of upcoming food truck events. Simply click on the event link to see all of the details about the event you are interested in, and which food trucks are participating.

Who is behind

We are entrepreneurs by nature, IT gurus by training, and transportation and logistics experts by experience. Our combined experience of over 40 years (well, 80 years if you go back to when we started liking to eat!) all lined up perfectly for this project.  

If you enjoy food and food trucks and mobile food vendors the way we, at, you know how easy it is to fall in love with one (or two or three!) and, when the craving hits, stalk their current location.  It’s very exciting to see your favorite truck’s post or update and realize instantly that it’s just a few blocks from where you are at that very moment. 

We plan to involve ourselves in your communities, by traveling to cities, meeting and talking to food truck operators and their customers, sponsoring food truck events, and improving our website, all in an effort to always enhance your experience and the quality of our service. Continually!

Feel free to reach out to us! @FoodTrucksIn