About Us

About Us

FoodTrucksIn.com was founded in 2013 to address the difficulties that food truck businesses faced in promoting themselves and connecting with customers. Today, our website is a popular destination for thousands of food truck fans, who visit us daily to find food trucks and events in over 2,000 cities across the United States.

At FoodTrucksIn.com, we understand the appeal of food trucks - their convenience, diverse food options, and ability to quickly set up shop at any location. That's why we work to connect food truck owners with organizations and customers who are looking for food trucks for events or just a delicious meal on the go. You can find food trucks at a variety of events, including fundraisers, fairs, community events, festivals, and even weddings.

Our directory of food trucks and other mobile food vendors provides information on their current and future locations, making it easy for you to find and enjoy the treats from your favorite vendors. Our founder, Eric, has always been fascinated by food trucks and saw an opportunity to create a more community-centric business by bridging the gap between food trucks and their fans. He founded FoodTrucksIn.com to do just that.


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