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Time for Food Trucks to Raise Prices

posted on 28 July 2014 by EricW

We have raised our prices! I know that statement doesn't ever put a smile on your face. No one is particularly happy when their favorite pair of sneakers costs more than they did last time; when the cable bill shows up $4 higher; or when the prices... read more

Food Truck Report - Data Friday 07-25-14

posted on 25 July 2014 by EricW

Bread!   Loved by so many!   So many types and choices!   And, not always easy!   For instance, choosing the type of bread to go with a sandwich or a meal!  Come on now...this is often a difficult and important decision!   And, as we know, food... read more

The Loving Cup - Food Truck Interview

posted on 24 July 2014 by EricW

My first interaction with The Loving Cup came when I noticed it “Checked-In” on, in Michigan! This struck me as peculiar since on the site, The Loving Cup is listed as a coffee trailer in Jacksonville, Fl, and now... read more

Feature Spotlight - Hire / Request

posted on 21 July 2014 by EricW

Last week we featured our Suggest a Location  tool that allows customers, operators, anyone (!) to recommend a spot that may be a good spot for a food truck!  In that blog post we briefly highlighted the Hire This Truck Request tool. This week we... read more

Food Truck Report - Data Friday 07-18-14

posted on 18 July 2014 by EricW

Today is the 78th birthday of a famous and very recognizable food truck!    Yup, this food truck was first put on the road on July 18, 1936, and has been on the roadways of the USA regularly ever since! It's even been updated along the way and... read more

P. Ditty's Wrap Wagon- Food Truck Interview

posted on 16 July 2014 by EricW

This week we feature P. Ditty’s Wrap Wagon in Boise, ID in our weekly food truck interview. I wanted to learn more about their food truck and about Boise.  The more I know about the mobile food vendor industry, and the more time I spend on the road... read more

Feature Spotlight - Suggest a Location

posted on 14 July 2014 by EricW

The team, consisting of Eric and Stephen (with a little help from our friends!), spends a lot of time creating additional features that will enhance the existing website (as well as working on brand new features). This week we would... read more

Food Truck Report - Data Friday 07-11-14

posted on 11 July 2014 by EricW

It was a mere 100 years ago today, July 11, 2014, that Babe Ruth made his professional baseball debut in Boston for the Red Sox as a pitcher! While he won his major league debut, he was subsequently sent down to the minor league Providence Grays,... read more

Kona Ice South Minneapolis- Food Truck Interview

posted on 9 July 2014 by EricW

Kona Ice is one of the fastest growing franchises in the United States (Source).  Each time a new franchisee signs up, there is yet another additional small business owner that is supporting the economy, building a business, and working on a dream... read more

Food Truck Report - Data Friday 07-04-14

posted on 4 July 2014 by EricW

Over the July 4th holiday over 150 million hot dogs will be eaten (source). And, we can't help but wonder how many of those hot dogs will be served from the over 4,100 food trucks, trailers, carts, and stands that are listed on! It... read more