Food Trucks in Abingdon, MD

Savor the flavors of Abingdon, MD, through its intimate food truck scene. Despite its size, Abingdon's culinary wheels deliver big on taste. From savory delights to delectable desserts, these mobile kitchens bring a diverse range of dishes to the forefront, making the town a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts seeking a unique and satisfying experience.

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Triple J Food Co. was founded to combine our love of great food with excellent customer service. We have over fifty years of culinary experience in places ranging from the shores of Martha's Vineyard to the harbors of downtown Baltimore. We love bringing fun twists to everyday ingredients and our food truck provides a unique dining experience. We pride ourselves on being a full service restaurant on wheels. Casual, fine dining, catering, and more; we can handle any event such as weddings, backyard BBQ's, bull roasts, or custom creations to fit your needs.