Food Trucks in Agawam, MA

Savor the hidden flavors of Agawam, MA, in its cozy food truck scene. Despite its size, this town boasts a diverse array of mobile kitchens offering delightful culinary experiences. From local classics to inventive dishes, Agawam's small yet vibrant food trucks ensure a delectable journey for every palate.

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Murphy’s Mobile Kitchen brings the fine fresh quality food of our popular neighborhood Pub to hungry patrons across Western Massachusetts and CT.  Our delicious pub grub on wheels features our Corned Beef and Reuben sandwiches, steak and cheese, burgers, chicken sandwiches and other weekly and daily specials. 
Can’t catch us on the road? Let us cater your next big event. Our truck will pull up to your house, feed your guests, clean up and be on our way. Choose from any of our truck theme packages or customize your own with our chef. Why cook and clean when you can have Murphy’s Mobile at your next event?