Food Trucks in Belchertown, MA

Delight in the hidden culinary gems of Belchertown, MA's charmingly small food truck scene. Despite its size, this town offers a diverse array of mobile kitchens, each serving up unique and flavorful experiences. From local specialties to creative bites, Belchertown's compact yet vibrant food trucks promise a delectable adventure for all.

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Rustic Fusion is a Mobile Food Truck, Catering, and Pop Up business, run out of Belchertown by Chris Snow.

We offer a diverse menu for a variety of preferences and can create a specific, limited menu for your corporate or private event.

Batch Ice Cream is a locally owned family business that produces small batch Super Premium ice cream using local and fair trade ingredients. Our food truck features 9 Batch ice cream flavors made with only fresh, pure ingredients and no weird stuff like stabilizers or gums.Batch is a regional favorite and an award-winning product. We also offer a few additional flavors (not made by us) on the truck