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Savor the distinctive flavors of Bethesda, MD, where a compact but dynamic food truck scene surprises with culinary delights. Despite its size, Bethesda's mobile kitchens offer a diverse range of flavors, from gourmet bites to delectable treats. Immerse yourself in this close-knit community, where curbside dining transforms into a delightful exploration. Uncover Bethesda's hidden culinary gems on wheels, showcasing the city's dedication to diverse and satisfying street cuisine in an intimate and inviting food truck landscape.

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Maui Wowi of Dulles offers rich Hawaiian coffees and delicious smoothies, each with a distinctive Island flavor and character. You simply have to try them to be carried away to your tropical paradise.

 My name is Roberta Hillary, I am the Head Chef and Partner of Malia’s Kitchen LLC delivering you the best “homemade” down home cooking in the DMV. After 25 years of cooking and catering it is now to take our delicious food and recipes to patrons and foodies in the Washington Metropolitan area. Malia’s Kitchen has now launched a food truck to service locations in the District and Metropolitan area, our goal is to deliver homestyle soul food with our food truck and full-service catering options. Although our primary focus is lunch & dinner, our team can also be available for corporate breakfast catering via our food truck or catering delivery services.
Malia’s Kitchen LLC is a fully licensed catering and truck provider in the Maryland region, all employees are Certified Food Managers with current certifications and “ServSafe” certifications. Our staff will always operate with the highest level of safety for food preparation and delivery of your food and catering items.
Our doors are always open for suggestions, reviews, feedback both positive and negative; we aim to be the premier mobile and catering food service in the DMV area. We cater all events no matter how large or small; our services can be included with our partners that deliver audio, video, event furniture and full-service event productions. In the event you need a full-service event production please inquire, we can accommodate most requests from within our partner community.
Please take the time to follow us on our social media platforms, the most important thing we would like is for you to share and download our app “Malia’s Kitchen” that can be downloaded from the google play and apple iTunes store.
If you would like a special cuisine for a food truck or catering event; we can accommodate most request within the appropriate amount of planning. Malia’s Kitchen has food choices for all menu options to include pescatarian, vegetarian, seafood, as well meat only options.
Event / Catering Services

Corporate Events
Holiday Parties
Employee Events
Private Events
Home Parties
Youth Events
Special Events
Staff Luncheons
Tailgate Events

Please send us a request for your next sporting event, festival, corporate event or party that can leverage our catering or event services.
*Most events can be booked within 7-14 days based on availability and services that are needed.

We are a Montgomery County-based food truck and catering service. Our specialty is the Eastern European and, more specifically, the Balkan cuisine. We deliver a taste of back home to the DMV area. Our staff is professional and always ready to provide you the best service. Originally from Bulgaria, our chef and owner has more than 10 years of experience in the kitchen, here in the United States and as well back home. We provide professional catering and personal chef service. Join us at the Truck or at your event. We are looking forward to provide you our service. Dobur apetit!!!
Authentic Balkan Cuisine, cooked freshly from scratch!!!