Food Trucks in Brick, NJ

Savor the flavors of Brick, NJ's intimate food truck scene! From savory seafood to gourmet burgers, explore the diverse and delectable offerings rolling through this coastal town. Uncover hidden culinary gems as local food trucks dish out inventive delights, bringing a world of taste to the shores of Brick, New Jersey.

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Friendly Ice Cream Trucks for your neighborhood, private party, school event, or just about any function.

Suzie's Rolling Wrappers is a food trailer that specializes in Fried Wrappers.  What is a Fried Wrapper you ask?  Well it is an Americanize Egg Roll - think Beef Cheesesteak or how about Buffalo Chicken wrapped up in an egg roll wrapper and fried to perfection!  We attend events throughout most of New Jersey.   We also offer our services for catering and private parties.