Food Trucks in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo's food truck panorama is a New York culinary spectacle, turning the city into a movable feast along the shores of Lake Erie. From hearty Buffalo wing-inspired delights to gourmet twists on Upstate classics, these rolling kitchens navigate the Buffalo River, offering a diverse palette of flavors. Savor the eclectic menu, whether craving local favorites or globally-inspired bites. Buffalo's food trucks redefine street dining with an industrial charm, providing a fusion of local treasures and inventive creations. Discover hidden gems and follow the tempting aromas for an immersive tasting experience in the heart of New York's thriving food truck culture. Join the flavorful procession as these mobile marvels redefine Buffalo's culinary landscape.

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Indulge in a taste adventure in Buffalo, NY, with a food truck that serves mouthwatering Bangladeshi-Indian, Mexican, and Mediterranean street food. From sizzling Tacos to delectable Fuskas, enjoy an affordable and Halal (Zabihah Halal Certified) culinary journey through the diverse flavors of WNY.

Come see why our Big Fatty rolls drive people Cinn-sane!

    Local pop-up in WNY serving Specialty Soda's, Loaded Lemonades, and Fruit Teas! Park for Dogs, Drinks for Humans

    Tiny Thai serves a limited menu of hard-to-find Thai dishes using fresh & locally sourced ingredients.

    An on-the-go Party Sweets & Treats Snack Truck. The Yummmm Truck is inspired by a lifelong ENTHUSIASM for SWEETS & TREATS. A family team bringing a unique-fun-memorable enhancement to ANY Event! 

    It's original! There aren't any other Aussie trucks out there and we have our own Australian straight from the land down under serving up some of their traditional favorites. It's really good food with a little twist on American!

    We are a gourmet cannoli truck - powered by Panaro's Restaurant!

    Polish Villa 2 U is one of the Most Authentic Food Trucks in the Buffalo area. Enjoy Anywhere!

    Halal handmade 'moneybags' shaped dumplings with variety of fillings: fried, steamed or frozen!

    Muffuletta, fried & grilled chicken sands, paninis & homemade cannolis.

    Selling delicious Puerto Rican cuisine.

      LuGia's delicious ice cream on wheels is serving Buffalo and WNY!

        At KT Caribbean Cuisine we prepare & serve the most delicious, mouth watering, authentic Caribbean food & beverages from Trinidad and Tobago also some Jamaican cuisine.

        #UBuffalo Little Blue is the newest Food Truck to feed the Herd at the Curb at the University at Buffalo.

          Since our first restaurant opened in 1992, we have provided local families and businesses with delicious, high-quality food at affordable prices!

          Upgraded hot dogs, addictive smash burgers and the best French fries in town.

            At Fat Bob's, we take great pride in our customer service, delicious food, and food trucks! We believe love should be celebrated with incredible food. Our catering services are designed to make your special day truly memorable. From mouthwatering meats to delectable sides, our menu is love on a plate.

            The Edgy Vegy truck is a unique take on a sandwich shop, specializing in “veg-ified” versions of deli classics, drawing inspiration from national sandwiches, as well as Buffalo favorites. We offer creative seasonal takes on traditional sandwiches, plant-based baked goods, and market driven sides, featuring locally sourced vegetables and ingredients. Operated by two chef sisters - Sara and Jaime Secor - with over twelve combined years of cooking experience.

            M&S Street Eats is the vehicle (pun intended) by which we intend to bring the true versatility of Mineo and Sapio products to the streets of Buffalo!

            Food Truck bringing you a variety of fresh gourmet sandwiches stuffed in between Belgian waffles!

            Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs is a mobile food truck that puts a gourmet twist on an American classic – the hot dog. That's right folks, no dirty water dogs here! Instead, we take the hot dog and do our best to make it better. Using fresh ingredients and a little creative genius, Frank approaches the hot dog in a way that no other casual restaurant or food cart in Buffalo has ever done!

            The Cheesy Chick will offer a variety of specialty grilled cheese sandwiches using an array of the freshest, highest quality ingredients. You will see breads on our menu that range from Italian to Sourdough to Rye to Cinnamon Raisin to English Muffins. You will be able to sink your teeth into ooey gooey cheesy goodness from Cheddar to Mozzarella to Brie to Fontina to Havarti. Your taste buds will also be teased by ingredients like fresh Pear and Apple, Bacon, Prosciutto, Arugula, Cole Slaw, etc - the delicious possibilities from The Cheesy Chick are endless!

            Authentic Wood Fire Brick Oven Pizza
            Sandwiches, Oven Baked Chicken Wings, Fresh Salads, Home Made Pizza Logs, Gelato and more.....

            We are the first taco truck to serve the great city of Buffalo, NY. Our mission is to bring legitimate street food to Buffalo by offering affordable yet incredibly tasty takes on tacos, burritos, nachos and more.

            Hawaiian Shave Ice, Gourmet Shaved Ice, Kona, Food Truck, Give Back, Donations, Sporting, Corporate Events, Birthdays, Graduations, Employee Appreciation.

            The most FUNomenal experience on four wheels!

            A variety of unique sauces that will make your taste buds go Mad..for booking

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            The Blend is a healthy protein shake food truck also serving homemade protein bars and coffee. We are perfect for any meal or event where healthy eaters reside 

            WNY Food Carts is located in the eastern/Southern Suburbs of Buffalo, NY. Although we have seven different menus with dozens of options, we are known for our Heisenberg Hotdogs menu featuring Sahlen's hotdogs, 1/4# beef burgers, mesquite grilled chicken, corn on the cob and more!