Food Trucks in Camillus, NY

Savor the culinary treasures of Camillus, NY's intimate food truck scene! From mouthwatering street food to artisanal delights, explore the diverse and delightful offerings of these cozy mobile kitchens. Uncover local gems as these small-scale food trucks bring a world of flavor to the heart of Camillus, delivering a unique dining experience for every palate.

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We offer full-service catering, specializing in Weddings, Graduations, and Corporate Events. Contact us today to create a Custom Menu for your next event. Don't forget to ask about our BIG Beast Smoker!

Restaurant on wheels with an everchanging menu serving up anything and everything from Smashburgers to Chicken Riggies to whatever your heart desires. Custom menus available. We have an extensive catering menu as well. We also provide Corporate Boxed Lunches!

Ice Cream Shop on Wheels.
Servings Perry's soft serve custard, 8 flavors of hard ice cream, slushies, floats, sundaes, flurries, shakes,cones, ice cream sandwiches and more..
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