Food Trucks in Carrboro, NC

Savor the vibrant food truck culture in Carrboro, NC, where a small but dynamic scene brings diverse flavors to this eclectic town. From farm-fresh bites to globally inspired cuisines, Carrboro's intimate food truck community promises a culinary adventure. Explore the local charm and unique offerings that make each mobile eatery a delicious destination.

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Neapolitan pizza is the way the first pizza was made in Naples, Italy. It is made using the very best ingredients and must follow a strict set of guidelines to be considered true Neapolitan pizza. We import the majority of our ingredients from Naples, Italy and source the rest locally whenever possible. We only use non-GMO products and try to use organic whenever we can. All of our meats are nitrite and nitrate free and come from animals that were never treated with hormones or antibiotics.