Food Trucks in Concord, CA

Explore Concord, CA's petite yet vibrant food truck scene, a hidden culinary gem waiting to be discovered. Despite its size, Concord's mobile kitchens serve up a diverse palette of flavors, from local favorites to global inspirations. Perfect for residents or passing visitors, the city's intimate food truck community promises a unique blend of savory and sweet delights. Embark on a delicious journey through Concord's streets and uncover the distinct charm of this small town's burgeoning on-the-go gastronomy.

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1 of 9 best tacos in the Bay Area California and several year of winning the taco trail

Bay Area's Best All Beef Hot Dogs, Hot Links, and Polish Sausages served with Black Oak's WORLD FAMOUS Mustard Relish!

Our aim is to quench your hunger and satisfy your taste buds with Halal Gyro's but don't take our word for it! Come try us out soon!!!

A Bay Area Based Food Truck , Specializing in Homemade Steamed Bao Bunz & Rice Bowls everything made from scratch by Chef Isaac Reyes.