Food Trucks in Cottonwood, AZ

Savor Cottonwood, AZ's hidden culinary treasures on wheels. Despite its size, these mobile kitchens deliver big on local flavors, offering a diverse menu of savory and sweet delights. Uncover the intimate charm of Cottonwood's food truck culture, where every bite becomes a flavorful testament to this Arizona town's rich gastronomic tapestry.

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Our hand-tossed pizza is made from Arizona Heirloom and Italian milled wheat flour, with the freshest ingredients grown in our own Merkin Vineyards, greenhouses, and Caduceus Cellars orchards. We offer five types of pizza, including our very popular Salsiccia (with fennel sausage), Crucifixen (vegetable), Formaggio (cheese), Cinghiale (wild boar sausage), and Projute (prosciutto di parma). In addition, we offer salads, Bolognese fries, a sweet Italian dessert and two types of frankfurters. Visit us and track our truck at